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How to buy your first sex toy

The world of sex toys can be a little baffling for anyone, I know it confused me when I purchased my first vibrator.  There are many options, shapes, materials and types but what do they all do and will they be suited to you?

Hopefully I can shine a little light on this adventure and make your first purchase of a sex toy, slightly easier.

Why do we use sex toys?  It’s simple really, we use them to add a little excitement or aid into our sex live

s.  For some people, they have to sex a sex aid due to health issues and others, well they just like to add that little bit extra ‘umpth’.   A while back, I wrote a post on Sex and Disabilities and what products can be used to help and enhance the experience, worth a read.

Using a sex aid doesn’t make the experience any less sensual or intimate, so please don’t worry yourself too much and again, using a vibrator doesn’t mean you or your partner are less adequate to do the job in hand.    You can make purchasing a sex toy as intimate as you’d like, from planning a trip out with your partner to a sex store like Sh! Women’s Emporium to browsing online stores from the comfort of your bed, there is a a varied amount of ways to go about adding a sex toy into your lives.

There are many different types of sex toys, I have listed them as follows:

  • Clitoral Vibrators (Bullets, Rocks Off RO 80mm bullet)
  • Massagers (Rocks Off RO Luv)
  • G-spot Vibrators
  • Rabbit Vibrators (classic, Jessica Rabbit)
  • Dildos (stone, glass, silicone, realistic, comical)
  • Anal plugs (butt)
  • P-spot massagers
  • Anal Vibrators
  • Cock Rings
  • Strokers / Cock sleeves /masturbators
  • Anal beads
  • Couples vibrators (LELO TIANI, We-Vibe 3)
  • BDSM/Bondage/Fetish Gear (Restraints, cuffs, wax play candles, Pinwheels, whips, canes, flogger)

Yes, the list does look a little daunting, doesn’t it?  Don’t despair though, you can find reviews for almost anything these days and within my blog, you will find a review for everything listed above.

Worried about a product not being ‘all that’ or suiting your needs?  Then ask yourself what would you like from a sex toy, what would you mainly use it for?  I tend to advise with couples that are unsure, to try a bullet vibrator.  A bullet is a clitoral stimulation sex toy, it’s small and unassuming and easy to use (plus cheaper as a test run). 

Then there is the battle of materials, what to avoid and what would be best?  I’m an advocate for body safe materials over the past few years.  As a sex toy reviewer and blogger, I have had my eyes wide open with ‘industry’ issues.  A porous material is something that basically has small tiny holes in it, making it a material that gathers germs and bacterial like a magnet, definitely a no-go.  You want to look for sex toys that are non-porous, non-phthalates and non-latex.   Basically, you want to go for materials that are stated to be ‘body safe’, this includes Silicone, Glass, Stone, Steel.  I would avoid TPE, TPR, Jelly, Cyberskin types (real feels), anything claimed to be a silicone mix.  

Advice: if you are using a jelly or very porous material sex toy, you can use a condom over it, this will help to limit the amount of germs that the product could possibly contract.

If you are after a sex toy that is motor run, I would highly advise to purchase a product that is rechargeable.   Mainly as you will be saving yourself pennies in batteries and most come with USB charging cords that you can plug into your mobile phone charging plug or laptop.  Batteries, however, do have an issue with possibly leaking, so if you do purchase a battery operated sex toy, please do remove the batteries when you are not using the vibrator.  Most rechargeable sex toys can take 1.5 – 2 hours to charge but also the majority are no longer sent with  a plug, as they come with USB cords.  LELO sex toys usually don’t come with a plug, so please bare this in mind.   With motor run sex toys, try to steer away from those that are not waterproof.  A waterproof sex toy has a much longer life expectancy and is easier to keep clean.

If you are looking to buy an anal sex toy, look for ones with flared bases.  A flared base is an added security benefit that will stop an anal toy being sucked up the back passage.  Imagine if a butt plug got ‘lost up there’ and you had to go to A&E for it to be removed, yup a major embarrassment!  So yes, only use anal sex toys that have some form of flared base.

Storing your sex toy is important, it can help maintain the quality and life expectancy of your vibrator.  It stops your toy from attracting dust and dirt and it allows you to store your naughty goodies away from those prying eyes.  

If you aren’t 100% sure on purchasing a product and there are no reviews for it on the website you are looking on, you can find a sex toy review for anything via google.  There are 100’s of sex toy reviewers and bloggers out there that are more than willing to help you with their reviews.  Simply put into your google search engine the name of the product i.e We-Vibe Tango reviews and wham, you should be inundated with reviews. 

Sometimes it is off putting knowing that you have ordered a sex toy but worried what the neighbors will think.  The majority of online retailers (including us!) will use discreet and secure postal methods, where the company is not stated on the packaging. Phew.

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