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Go on, go bra-less

Whether it was a push up, a padded or an underwire in question, many of us have been told to entwine our clasps and whack on a bra, to prevent breasts, flip-flapping in public, and the innocent greetings of erect nipples. Having even a strap on show, is a ghastly crime to many, and to whom we say, “Good, it was expensive!”
is not wearing a bra bad for you

Is not wearing a bra bad for you?

The answer is no! To hell with society’s unwritten rules over OUR jiggly jugs! With the summer heat now kicking in mercilessly, it’s time to let the girls breathe. Who made it so that the booby babes of Earth feel the liberation of bra cups, empty of their double lattes, only at the end of day? Bra-tame the bouncy castles no more and exercise their right to freedom by allowing them to bounce away, all day. 

Besides the reason of freedom, there are plenty more as to why you may want to consider letting it all hang loose…

Shape And Tone The Sweater Stretchers

Let’s bust the myth that ditching a bra leads to sagging and drooping breasts. The female body is a powerhouse and the reality of this myth is quite the opposite! Over an extended period of time, breasts are actually known to become firmer, rounder and perkier.

Although those with larger, heavier breasts may first experience back pain, this usually subsides once your body builds the strength to support the breasts with ease (weeks to months).

Jean-Denis Rouillon, a sport science researcher and professor at the University of Franche-Comte in the eastern town of Besançon, conducted a 15-year study on the effect of bras on 330 women aged 18 to 35. His team of researchers found that the women who did not wear bras had perkier breasts.

Letting your Boobs Roam Free Improves Circulation

Bras can leave us feeling constricted as they have the potential to reduce blood flow to back and chest muscles, leaving us with that aching feeling we may know too well. Since bras on those with bigger breasts tend to fit tighter, those endowed with larger pups will probably feel the relief more.

Cheers toy clean and clear chesticles

Since the pandemic, many of us may have experienced the ever-dreaded phenomenon; mask-ne. Well, the same applies to boobs. Regularly wearing a bra may trap moisture and dirt, leading to clogged pores and irritation. Ever flung a bra off to be greeted with a hidden pool of sweat? Yeah, well that may be the cause of your breast-ne. Looks like the smother brothers need to be well ventilated, after all!

Those benefits were just to name a few, but are you now feeling inclined to unleash the tatas? Try easing yourself into the world of wobble by opting sans bra when lounging, sleeping, wearing thick, protective clothing and avoiding strenuous activities.

Not quite ready for that? Opt for an unstructured, unwired bralette. Here at MAIDEN, we’re convinced it’s the next best thing to going bra-less.

And there we have it! Channel your inner Rachel Greene by forgoing a bra under your outfit. Or, you could always follow Madonna’s lead, who bared her breasts bare, cat-walking in 1995. Strutting yourself down the runway and the supermarket aisle is the same thing, right?

Female-founded in London, UK, we are on a mission to create stunning, well-fitting intimates that that are as comfortable as they are indulgent. Whatever your style, our mix and match collections help you create a distinctive look that is all yours. 


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