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This One is for cross-dressers who want to purchase lingerie. Purr.

Lingerie is for everybody. Whether you’re transgender, a drag queen, or simply someone who likes to switch things up and hit people with killer undies, lingerie is for you. For those just beginning their journey in lingerie ownership, it may feel daunting to get out there, try pieces on and ask shop workers about making a purchase, but we are here to let you know that there is nothing to fear!
trans friendly lingerie buying guide crossdress underwear

Lingerie Basics

A methodical way to go about purchasing lingerie is to ask yourself what you really want to wear. A bra? Camisole? A sexy corset?

Once you’ve decided on what you want- whether that be one, all or beyond the above, search which retailers sell what you are after.

Give them a quick call and ask whether they fit men. Now you know place and product.

Now, it’s time to ramp up the courage to, head over and ask for a changing room.

[Remember, the staff working in shops have a job to make sales, so find comfort in that whatever your gender may be, your money is the same. Trust me, they won’t say you cannot buy as you choose]

Once you’ve got that all down to a tea, shop until you drop- and enjoy it! Lingerie shopping is fun. Just make sure you strut your stuff in every sexy find.

Start with these Beauties

Here are a few lingerie items every cross-dresser and transgender woman should own…

A basic bra

Nude and black are a must. If you’re unsure of your size, there are online calculators, or many lingerie shops usually offer breast measuring.

A Panty Gaff

For those wanting a more flat, feminine look, this is right up your street since a gaff is designed to offer smoothing at the front.

Padded Knickers

Craving curves? If so, padded panties may offer you an instant solution, with options of hip lifting and butt-shaping available.

Simple Knickers

Basic knickers are always a necessity – thongs, briefs, high-waisted briefs, whatever you choose.

A Satin Robe

As a classic boudoir garment, you can be sure to feel extra feminine when you slip into this sensuous garment around the house.

There are so many garments that encapsulate lingerie, but these were just to name a small few. Now you know the basic ins-and-outs of purchasing lingerie, go and put your credit card to good use!

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