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Knicker Shapes and Styles

When it comes to lingerie, it’s important to know your stuff. Whether that be to avoid the frosty, intimidating countenance of the exclusive sales assistant in the store when you don’t know the difference between Brazillian and Hipster cut panties; or to get accustomed with different bra shapes to make finding the one that works best for your boobs a walk in the park.

The point is, we could all do with some savoir faire on the topic of lingerie terminology. Today, we focus on all things knickers, carry on reading to become a fountain of knowledge when it comes to your panties!


The ‘Boyshort’, or ‘Female Boxers’ offer full coverage, and full comfort for those days when you just want to let loose, these go perfectly with a pair of slouchy jeans or jogging bottoms!

Full Brief

With this style, you’re essentially getting a knicker oriented 2 for 1 deal! The ‘Full Brief’ offers full coverage and comfort, and with a higher, more stylishly cut leg than the Boyshort, you’re also getting a slightly sexier style.


Where to even begin? The ‘Thong’ is like a dream come true and your worst nightmare rolled into one! In terms of appearance, you don’t get much sexier than this style, with just the waistband covering your behind, it’s safe to say that this style was not made for those seeking comfort and coverage!


Just when you thought it couldn’t get any naughtier, crotchless panties have entered the chat! Granted, any of the above knicker styles can come crotchless, and these are undoubtedly meant to be saved for that special someone, these panties take sexy to a whole new level, with sexual undertones dominating their existence.

Well, here it is, your guide to knickers, hope you enjoyed it!

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