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Is it healthy to sleep naked?

Sleep forms a huge part of our lives, without it, we literally could not function. For some of us, sleeping comfortably and getting our 8 hours a night is the difference between a nice productive day, and the day from hell. As well as a healthy and happy mind, Sleep also forms none other than the core nucleus of making sure our physical bodies are taken care of.
is sleeping naked good for health or bad

As we move further and further into the middle of summer (and those sweaty, unbearable nights), an important question is posed about how we sleep. Here we have it, the answer to the question on everybody’s lips: Is it healthy to sleep naked?

The short answer to this question is – Yes! Sleeping nude has a multitude of health benefits that will make you want to rip your clothes off before going to bed tonight…

Improves sleep quality

As well as being much more comfortable than sleeping in a big t-shirt and shorts (yes, it is possible!) Sleeping naked helps to regulate your body temperature as you sleep. 

With 66 to 70 fahrenheit being the optimal temperature for a good night’s sleep, throwing out your clothes for the night means that you are less likely to exceed the bounds of temperature, and become too hot during the night. 

This will, in turn, mean that your REM cycle, which is the part of sleep that helps replenish your brain and body, won’t be disrupted, giving you an all round better night’s sleep.

Promotes Vaginal health

If you’re a lady who has never considered tossing out your underwear for the night and going commando for bed, you might want to read this. 

When sleeping in underwear, especially knickers made with synthetic fabrics that have a snug fit, airflow to your vagina can be restricted, leading to a build up of sweat and warmth (a yeast particle’s idea of heaven) in the crotch area.

 It has been proven that sleeping naked may help to improve airflow to the vagina, thus preventing the growth of candida yeast (which causes discomfort, itching and yeast infections such as thrush).

Sidenote: MAIDEN knickers have an antibacterial organic bamboo gusset. It helps you stay fresh down there!

Better Skin

Believe it or not, your skin depends on a good, full night’s sleep to defend itself against the harsh skin-ruining villains of the world. When you haven’t gotten a good night’s sleep, you’re more vulnerable to wrinkling, dropping, swelling, and eye circles, not to mention, your skin is less capable of defending itself against UV Rays. 

In addition to this, without a good night’s sleep, your skin may struggle more when it comes to healing wounds, so that stubborn blister, or that bruise that just won’t budge could be impacted by sleeping better. If sleeping naked helps improve your quality of sleep, then maybe it affects us more than we know!

Boosts Intimacy in Relationships

One of the most important aspects of a romantic relationship is being comfortable with your partner. If you’re not quite convinced on sleeping nude by now, this will surely get you! 

It has been proven that sleeping naked next to your partner generates a general ambience of connectedness between the two of you, promotes feelings of love and reduces stress. 

If you’re feeling really brave, skin to skin contact will give you that all important hit of oxytocin, which will develop feelings of safety, which will be boosted by simply spending time naked in front of your partner. Don’t believe us? Try it tonight!

Potentially Reduces Weight Gain

We don’t want to bore you to death with science or anything, but this will really blow your mind! A review released by the Obesity society brought to light the link between reduced sleep and weight gain. Many things can contribute to this, such as underlying stress from less sleep, and a slower metabolism, which has also been linked to an irregular sleep schedule. Ditching the garms before bed can help regulate your sleeping pattern, giving you all the beauty sleep you need, and allowing your metabolism to its thing.

Now that you know all that you do about going to sleep in your birthday suit, will you try it? Let us know!

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