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Petite Lingerie With Big Impact

We make effortlessly sexy intimates that accentuate, not alter, your natural curves. No frills, no wires, no drama. Just beautiful lingerie that loves you back.

Petite Lingerie With Big Impact

No frills, no wires, no drama. Just beautiful lingerie that loves you back.


Britain's Baddest

Female-founded in the UK, Rock & Lola is an indie lingerie brand stocking the cutest wireless lingerie Britain has to offer, all while raising money for important, but often overlooked, women’s charities.

Check out our universal crowd-pleasers. These babies will blow any narrow definition of sexy out of the water. You won’t go back to wires ever again.

The bra is dead. Long live the bralette.

Round of applause for our wireless bralettes, working hard to save your boobs from sucky underwire indents. Your regular bra could never!

If you know, you know – smaller busts don’t require a sturdy underband. Our flexi-band doesn’t constrict your ribcage and feels as lush as a hug from a loved one, or bottomless mimosas. 

Over-supported and under-appreciated, small boobs are like a gourmet meal at a posh restaurant. Show them off in style – get a comfy bralette that’s designed for petite and medium busts.

Indie undies.

Our delicate organic bamboo panty gusset keeps you fresh down there due to it’s anti-microbial qualities. It also feels like a cloud, and that’s what you deserve.

No matter how petite you are, if you want your gluteus maximus to resemble a summer peach, you’ll love our perfectly shaped panties.

Feather light and super soft, our heavenly lingerie edging elastic won’t rub your sensitive bits the wrong way. Ever.

Sassy Organic Tees. Finally!

We’ve bottled up the spirit of lazy sunday mornings and this is the result. Meet your new favourite t-shirts to sleep, lounge and do whatever the heck you want in.


Few things are as personal as lingerie. Our lingerie starts our day with us; it should be comfortable, effortlessly sexy, and – ideally – reflect our values and beliefs.

Indie to the core, Rock & Lola lingerie is handmade in right here in the UK in small batches using sustainable deadstock fabrics. With us, it’s easy to build your foundation for a more ethical and eco-friendly lingerie drawer from the inside out.

Sharing is Caring

We take the profits and pour them into a number of not-so-sexy but important women’s+ charities, raising awareness about the issues that are usually hushed or pushed under the rug. Every purchase helps a sister gain back her agency and dignity.

You snooze - You lose

We try to minimise our impact on the environment by using ‘rescued’ deadstock fabrics that would have otherwise gone to landfill. This means we hardly ever re-stock our collections. If you like it, put a ring on it is what we’re saying. Once it’s gone – it’s gone.

Less is More

Our lingerie is produced here in the UK in very small quantities. Every item is handmade start to finish by one seamstress. Unlike most other lingerie brands, especially here in the UK, we never destroy any unsold stock. Instead, we give it away to women’s shelters. 

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