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Bra Fit issues And Solutions

For many women, not wearing a bra every day is just not an option. So when your bra doesn’t fit right, and you can’t seem to figure out why, it can be really uncomfortable and frustrating. I'm talking about the type of uncomfortable that’ll make you want to go home, and that's just not good enough. So read on, the style ninjas at Rock & Lola have some wisdom to share.
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Perfect bra, where art thou?

With so many styles to choose from, many of us find that we’re shopping for bras with a hit and miss attitude. We’re not sure how the beautiful bra we’ve been eyeing up in the store will hold up in the long run, but we hope it’ll go well. We’re here to take the guesswork out of bra shopping. 

Not only is it important to be able to identify the things that could go wrong with your bra or bralette, but knowing how to fix it will take you from a zero to a hero in the bra department. From the straps, to the hooks, to the underwire in your bra, we would never leave you without a guide on sorting out your boobie woes. Rock & Lola to the rescue!

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What's at stake? Your health!

An ill-fitting bra can not only ruin your silhouette, but it can also cause physical discomfort. Issues like slipping straps, digging underwire, and back bulges are not only annoying, but they can also lead to more serious problems like neck and back pain.

Bra fit issues are a common struggle among women, and it’s time we take control of our lingerie game!

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Shopping tips from the pros:

1. Identify your bra size

Sounds obvious, but the first step in solving bra fit issues is to identify your correct size. Many women wear bras that are either too big or too small, which can lead to all sorts of problems. The best way to find your size is to get measured by a professional or use a measuring tape at home. Keep in mind that your size can change over time, so it’s essential to get measured regularly.


2. Understand the different bra styles

Just like the different protein options at your favourite vegan buffet spot, not all bras are created equal, and choosing the right style can make all the difference in achieving a comfortable fit. Here are a few popular styles to consider:

  • T-shirt bras are perfect for everyday wear and provide a smooth look under clothing.
  • Push-up bras are great for creating cleavage and adding volume to the bust.
  • Sports bras provide extra support for physical activity and help prevent damage to the breasts.
  • Balconette bras offer lift and support while also providing a flattering neckline.
  • Sexy bras are meant for the bedroom – they aren’t ideal for everyday wear because all too often they are made from beautiful but oh-so-scratchy fabrics.

3. Say Goodbye to Gap, Slip, and Bulge

  • Adjustable straps and hooks are essential to achieving a comfortable fit. Make sure to adjust the straps to fit snugly without digging into your skin.
  • The underwire should sit comfortably against your ribcage, without digging into your skin or causing discomfort.
  • The band should be snug and secure, but not too tight, to prevent back bulges.
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Strap Struggles:

Straps digging into shoulders

Your bra straps digging into your shoulders might be slightly annoying and cause discomfort, but it’s so much more than that. If you find that your bra straps appear too tight, it could mean your breasts are not getting the support they need, which can have very unwelcome consequences. You could eventually find that permanent grooves on your shoulders begin to form, and this bra malfunction could even have an effect on your posture! First, try adjusting the straps on your bra, if that doesn’t work, then it’s likely you’re wearing the wrong size. To fix this, go a size down on your band, it’ll mean that the band is doing most of the work rather than the straps. 

PSA: you might need to size up on the cup if you do this!

Straps slipping off shoulders

With your bra straps, it can go both ways, as we’ve already explored, they can be too tight, digging into your shoulders, but at the complete other end of the spectrum, we can also see your bra straps slipping off your shoulders, meaning that they are not tight enough.

This can be very annoying, not to mention look unflattering, so how do we fix it? The obvious answer would be to tighten your bra straps, this will work for many, but not all of us; it’s also possible that the bra style you are wearing is unsuitable for your shoulder shape.

Women with smaller set shoulders that tend to slope more, balconette bras and plunge bras will only aggravate the issue, as they come with naturally wide set straps. Next time you go bra shopping, opt for a full coverage bra, which is more likely to sit on your shoulders nicely.

Oh and here’s one more tip: go for a racerback bra. It’ll keep your straps in place like a boss.

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Fit Facts:

Breasts overflowing (sideways and upwards)

This one is pretty easy to figure out, if your breasts spill out of the top of your bra, leaving you with that horrible ‘quad boob’ look that manages to ruin just about any outfit, then you will need to go a size up in your cup size, so if you were a 32C before, try a 32D bra, and watch your breasts thank you for the extra room! We’re not completely off the hook yet ladies! 

Your breasts spilling sideways also presents an issue, while it’s possible, and most likely that you need to move to the cup size up, it’s also possible that you will need to size down in the band, try doing both at the same time, and you’ve gone from an ill-fitting bra to one that encapsulates your boobs perfectly!

Check out our International size conversion chart to make sure you get the right size for your body.

Breasts escaping to the bottom

Let’s face it, we’ve all had that one nightmare where our boobs constantly threaten to fall out of the bottom of our bra, and we just kind of … deal with it? Well I’m here to tell you ladies, that this is not one of those things you just deal with, it means that your underwire is sitting on your breasts rather than under them. This is a pretty easy fix, it either means that your band is too big, or your cup size is too small, and since the rules already say you may need to go up a cup size if you’re going down a band size, everything works out pretty perfectly if you stick to that!

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Wire Worries:

Centre wires not sitting flat

The centre underwire on your bra has a hugely important job, it is tasked with keeping your booobs separate, and avoiding the uniboob look that many of us so passionately despise. If your centre wires are not resting against your chest, this often means that your cup is not big enough, or your band is too big. 

Try sizing down on the band, and up on the cup. If that doesn’t work, you may need to opt for styles with lower centre wires such as the balconette, or switch to a sexy bralette! Problem solved.

Wires digging into your ribs

The underwire in a bra is designed to provide support and shape to the bust. However, if the underwire is not the correct size or shape for your body, it can cause discomfort. The underwire should sit flat against the ribcage, without digging into the skin or poking into the breasts.

When the underwire is too small, it can dig into the sides or poke into the breasts, causing pain and discomfort. This can also happen when the underband is too small for you. Go up a size and see if this helps.

On the other hand, if the underwire is too big, it can slide around and not provide enough support, leading to bouncing and discomfort. Go down a cup size and see if that helps.

In addition, wear and tear can cause the wire to dig into the skin or pop out, causing discomfort and irritation. If that’s the case, it’s time for a new bra!

... Or skip all that and wear a bralette!

Have you heard the buzz about bralettes? At Rock & Lola, we love them so so much! Here’s why:

bralette Pastel Blue Lace Unwired Bra

If you’re tired of struggling with underwires and uncomfortable straps, it’s time to switch to a comfy bralette. Bralettes are soft, comfortable lingerie that provide support without the need for underwires or restrictive straps. They’re made from breathable materials and often have a delicate, lacy design that’s just as sexy as a traditional bra. And the best part? No more digging underwire or slipping straps!

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Not only are bralettes more comfortable to wear, but they can also be just as sexy as a traditional bra. With a wide range of styles, colors, and patterns to choose from, you can find a bralette that fits your personality and accentuates your assets. 

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Whether you’re looking for a flirty lace bralette for a datenight, or a functional (but cute!) bralette to wear under a t-shirt, there’s a style out there that’s perfect for you! With their delicate design and comfortable fit, bralettes are the perfect lingerie for any woman looking for comfort and sass.

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