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How to store bras and knickers

Going to the store and buying lingerie might make you feel like Carrie Bradshaw on crack. But let’s face it, the truth is that buying gorgeous, delicate lingerie just to stuff it into your overflowing underwear drawer at home just doesn’t cut it. We all ask ourselves the question of what we keep in our underwear drawer, but the all-important ‘how’ often comes up amiss.
how to store bras knickers lingerie

The way that you store your lingerie is crucial for increased productivity (in other words: storing your undies properly means you won’t end up spending half an hour in the morning looking for your comfy work bra). Not to mention, the longevity of your under-garments is half reliant on how you store them. We all know that life can get messy, but that doesn’t mean your closet has to be!

Tip 1: Let go of the dead weight

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The first, and best thing you need to do when trying to organise your underwear, is to channel your inner High School Musical, and say `It’s out with the old.. and in with the new!”. Getting rid of lingerie which is no longer fit for purpose is the key to increasing capacity in your allocated lingerie crevice; (that is, the greys that were once whites, that scruffy pair of knickers with the holes in it that you can’t seem to let go of, or the underwires that came out to play.). Trust me, you’ll need the space!

Tip 2: Turn your drawer into drawers

how to store lingerie bras panties

Two words: Drawer Dividers…


If you keep your lingerie in a drawer, or an exposed shelf, this simple yet genius contraption will literally save your life – or at least save you some time and space in your underwear drawer. I know what you’re thinking, ‘how do I use these ‘drawer dividers’ you speak of?’; well look no further, let’s find out! 

The dividers will often come as long plastic cut to size strips; First, take a tape ruler, and measure the length and width of your drawer. Next, use your tape ruler to measure the length of your plastic dividers, and cut where the length is appropriate. 

Once you’ve done this, you have full creative autonomy! Use your drawer length (and width) dividers to create compartments within your drawer, you can play around with different compartment sizes, and switch it up every few months if you want to!

Tip 3: Maximise your space with folding hacks

how to store bras knickers lingerie

Even after salvaging all that space by throwing out old underwear, and using drawer dividers, I know that some of you indie lingerie lovers will need even more advice on skimping on the space taken up by your undies, I’m here to tell you, the hacks are here! 

A general ‘fold don’t scrunch’ consensus can be applied to just about any form of lingerie, it becomes particularly imperative though, when it comes to your knickers. 

When folding your panties, you will have to resist simply folding them in half, and folding them in half again. The most efficient way is to lay your panties out in front of you, take the crotch area, and fold it up; next fold one end of the panties over the other, and begin to roll up the already compact form of what was once a thief of drawer space. 

Do this with all your panties, and watch your drawer fill up half as quickly as it did before!

Tip 4: Layering is not just for onions (and Shrek)

best way to store bras bralettes

When it comes to underwear storage, bras are probably the souffle of lingerie, one wrong move and your underwire is poking its head out after just 3 months of wear. You definitely want to pay attention to this one ladies! Although we generally see women storing their bras by simply folding them in half, this is actually a huge mistake.

The proper way to fold and store your bras comes down to three things, stacking, sorting and clasps. If you take anything away from this set of rules, let it be that you never, and I mean never put your bra in with other lingerie without doing up the clasps at the back or front.

Why is this so important? Ask the ladies who’ve pulled their bralette out of the pile of lingerie in their drawer, and ended up also holding the seam of their favourite pair of panties!

After doing up your bras and bralettes, make sure to stack them according to material, whether they are padded, and if applicable, size instead of folding them in half. This will help with longevity, keeping your bras firm for longer.

After reading this, you are no doubt a pro at storing lingerie, now that you know the ins and outs of space maximisation, we hope all your nightmare mornings spent looking for one piece of lingerie will become nothing short of a breeze!

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