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Everything you need to know about mesh lingerie

When it comes to lingerie, we know that the abundance of information can lead to confusion. With all sorts of terms like ‘backseam’ and ‘fencenet’ coming up, it can be hard to know where to even start. So leave the technical terms to us, and read this quick summary.
waht is mesh lingerie aka tulle net

Today, we’re here to talk to you about one of the unsung heroes of the lingerie world, a type of lingerie so reliable it might as well be in your bag at all times. Here’s everything you need to know about none other than mesh underwear!

Sexy Crossover Bralette Black Mesh lingerie
power mesh lingerie

Firstly, what's "mesh"?

Mesh, also known as tulle, or net, is a type of fabric that is made up of small, closely spaced holes. It is often used in lingerie because it is lightweight, breathable, and can provide a sheer or see-through look.

Types of mesh:

As with most fabrics, there are different subcategories to mesh, including power mesh and stretch mesh. Now it may sound complicated, but when a fabric is described as being ‘4 way stretch’ it means that its elasticity covers both horizontal and vertical directions, while a ‘2 way stretch’ refers to fabrics that stretch either only horizontally (which is more typical) or only vertically. Power mesh, on the other hand, has minimal or no stretch.

In the case of mesh, which is typically made using either nylon fibres (which are naturally softer) or harsher fibres such as polyester, the distinction is important. 

Ladies that grab their mesh by what seems like muscle memory before a game of basketball, or an intense gym sesh, you definitely want to take notes here! Here’s a quick summary:

2-way stretch lingerie
2-Way Stretch Mesh

2 way stretch mesh is a type of mesh fabric that stretches in only one direction, usually widthwise. 

4-way stretch lingerie
4-Way Stretch Mesh

4 way stretch mesh stretches in both directions, width and length wise. This makes it more comfortable and versatile when it comes to garment construction.

power mesh lingerie
Power Mesh / Power Net

Power mesh is a type of mesh fabric that is particularly strong and supportive. It is often used in lingerie to provide extra support and shaping to the body. It has minimal or no stretch.

Mesh + Lingerie = Love

Mesh lingerie is made out of an airy, feathery material, which allows for breathability down there. Underwear made for this purpose will often also be made from a moisture-wicking material, to move sweat away from the body rather than towards it. 

black mesh sheer high-wasited panties knickers biefs

Mesh lingerie is almost exclusively characterised by its tiny holes, which allow for circulation around the crotch area (sounds like a dream come true, we know!) Mesh lingerie is perfect for women who play sports, or during hotter seasons of the year. 

New mums, take note

For all you new mums out here, this is gonna be good: Mesh has also been recently uncovered as a game changer in postpartum recovery! Their breathability helps prevent the untold horror of postnatal life such as hemorrhoids, infections and all the other nasties we would rather forget about. Caring about your baby is important, but self-care is important too.

power mesh lingerie

Mesh V Tulle

So you know all about the composition of mesh, but what about it’s holey cousin tulle? We know it can all be confusing, but don’t worry, we’ve got you on this. Remember how we spoke about mesh, and its little holes that allow for breathability? 

Well tulle has the same sort of tiny holes, except they’re even tinier holes, and their composition has nothing to do with breathability.

Tulle is a netted fabric that is used for the crafting of ballerina tutus and bridal veils. 

It has a much more whimsical feel when comparing it with mesh, and instead of being used practically, is mainly used to add to the aesthetics of a garment.

In short, tulle is a more scratchy, less comfortable cousin of stretch mesh. It’s still used for lingerie, so watch out – your sensitive bits won’t like it! Luckily, you won’t find any tulle lingerie at Rock & Lola. Only super soft stretch mesh here, thank goodness!

machine wash lingerie

How do I wash it?

Due to its delicate nature (which is part of the reason why it’s so breathable and light), mesh needs a little more TLC in the laundry department than some other fabric styles, although it is by no means super-delicate. To get your mesh, especially mesh lingerie, smelling and feeling amazing again, you need to wash it right.

Hand washing is what’s best for your mesh undies, although if that fills you with horror, read on, because we’ll tell you how to cheat the system and machine wash your delicate mesh intimates. 


When it comes to hand washing your mesh lingerie, make sure that you’re using cold or warm water, and never rub a mesh item against itself excessively. In fact, mesh underwear needs probably the bare minimum in washing terms, the way to do it is to leave the lingerie to soak in a solution of water and laundry powder for 30 mins, and wash it off. Easy peasy! Right?


When it comes to machine washing your mesh lingerie, make sure that you’re using cold or warm water and gentle wash settings. Mesh lingerie needs the bare minimum in washing terms, so a short 20 minute cycle is best.

Whatever you, do not tumble dry

Never wash your mesh lingerie in hot water, or tumble dry it. The heat from the water or tumble dryer ruins the elastic.

Ironing is completely optional. Let’s face it, life is too short to iron your underwear. Plus, the same rule applies – heat from the iron is bad for your delicate intimates.

super soft lingerie

How do I store it?

So after all that TLC, you’re probably wanting to know where on Earth you are supposed to keep these ultra delicate panties. I can tell you one thing, DO NOT just stuff your mesh lingerie into the drawer with the rest of your undies, this can lead to bra hooks undoing the seams of your mesh, and we certainly wouldn’t want that! Make sure that if you’re going to put them in a drawer, it’s an organised one, for mesh panties, you can use our folding system found in ‘How to store lingerie’ to keep them secure.

Ultimately, it’s important to know what you’re buying. Now, any time you see a pair of pretty mesh panties on sale, you’ll know exactly what to use them for, thank us later!

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