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How To Take A Bra Off With One Hand

There’s a reason you’re here. You’ve been in a steamy situation; lips locked, her breasts in sight. You couldn’t wait to unleash them and then, you fumbled at the clasp...
how-do i take off bra with one hand

It was all going so well until you ruined the sexy and booted the moment out of sight. Sound familiar?

Bra removal is not rocket science, but it’s not easy to get it right under pressure. 

Fear not, here you can learn how to pop the bra open- not with two hands, but one! Did you hear someone say smooth operator? Me neither, but they will once you’ve read until the end.

Hook & Eye: Friend Not Foe

First you need to understand that a standard bra or bralette features two horizontal straps that connect at the back. One strap has multiple pairs of eyelets while the other has a single pair of hooks that fasten to the eyelets. It’s called “hook & eye fastening”. 

To remove the bra, simply grasp both sides together and unhook the hooks from the eyelets.

It’s possible to encounter bras with varying numbers of eyelets and hooks, such as one hook and one eyelet, or five hooks and five eyelets. Despite the difference in quantity, all hook-and-eye bras can be unfastened using the same method.

Remember: To undo the clasp on a bra, all you need to do is release the tension that holds the hooks and eyelets together. 


The recipe for a smooth bra-removal is as follows…


  • A happily participating partner
  • The bra clasp
  • A warm hand


1. One Hand Method

Face your partner and use your left hand. Seriously. Try it.

Think about it… Why does it look so easy when a woman removes the bra with one hand? Is it magic, or is it years of meticulous practice? Neither!

Bras were designed to be taken off with one hand, and since most people are right-handed, this means that the women in your life perform this magic trick with their right hand. 

So, if you’re facing your partner, you need to use your left hand. Got it? Now see the steps below:

  1. After the top has been removed to expose the bra or bralette, take a quick mental note whether the bra has a front or back clasp.
  2. Continue kissing and stroking as normal.
  3. Place your warm hand over your partner’s breast and make its way to the clasp.
  4. Feel for a thicker piece of fabric (3-5inches long approx.). This is the back clasp.
  5. Remove tension from either a front or back clasp by grasping the fabric on either side of the clasp between two fingers. Then squeeze your fingers together toward the middle to release.
  6. Bish, bash, bosh. The breasts are out.

2. Two Hand Method

Trying out a new bra removal method can be nerve-racking if you aren’t quite sure that you’ll be able to get it 100% right. 

If you’d rather play it safe, there is a fool-proof method to remove the bra with two hands. Here’s how to do it like a boss:

  1. When the top has been removed and the bra or bralette is exposed, take a moment to determine if it has a front or back clasp.
  2. Place your warm hand over your partner’s breast and move it towards the clasp.
  3. To identify the back clasp, look for a thicker piece of fabric that’s around 3-5 inches long.
  4. To release either the back clasp, grab the fabric on either side of the clasp and gently pull them closer together. More specifically, use one hand to pinch the top portion of the strap where the hooks are attached and use the other hand to keep the bottom part in place. This should free up the hook and eye mechanism, freeing the breasts from the confines of the bra or bralette.

Remember, practice makes perfect. But, if all else fails, you can always try the “no-hand” technique and ask her to take it off…

No matter which method you choose, make sure to take your time and be gentle when removing your bra to avoid any discomfort or pain.

Removing a bra is a simple task that can be done with either one or two hands. Both methods are effective and can be done quickly and efficiently. The key is to be gentle and take your time to ensure a comfortable and pain-free experience.

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