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Bra Styles Explained

When it comes to lingerie, it’s important to know your stuff. Whether that be to avoid the frosty, intimidating countenance of the exclusive sales assistant in the store when you don’t know the difference between balconette and racerback bras; or to get accustomed with different bra shapes to make finding the one that works best for your boobs a walk in the park. The point is, we could all do with some savoir faire on the topic of bra terminology.
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Finding THE ONE is no easy task. Lingerie comes in a wide range of shapes and sizes – and that’s a good thing. So let us cover the ins and outs of none other than… your bra! Get comfortable, we have lots to discuss!

Balconette Bra

The ‘Balconette Bra’, also sometimes called the ‘Half Cup’ generally covers around half to two thirds of your breast. It is designed to give the breasts support, whilst enabling you to brandish a low cut or sweetheart neckline top without your bra peeking out from underneath! In other words, this is your go to bra for those nights when you’re looking to show a little cleavage. The wide set stripes and less supportive cup means that this style works for women with broader shoulders, and lighter, firmer breasts, so ladies with a smaller cup size, it’s your time to shine!

Minimiser Bra

Often hailed as the opposite of a push up bra, the ‘Minimiser Bra’ was created as, and acts as nothing short of a sheer godsend to fuller busted women who struggle when wearing certain clothing styles due to their cup size. The bra cup is shaped wider than regular bras, and works by increasing the surface area of the breast, meaning that they spread sideways, rather than forward. Thus decreasing the appearance of the cup size. If you’re bigger on the chest and want to avoid big-boob related mishaps, like the dreaded shirt button gape, why not give it a try?

Push Up Bra

You know what they say –  ‘If you got it, flaunt it’, well the ‘Push Up Bra’ is the lateral embodiment of this saying. With its sole aim of making breasts look plumper, rounder and bigger, there’s no doubt that the push up bra will leave you looking, and feeling super sexy! 

Typically, push up bras incorporate padding, which enhances the cup size, along with a balconette or plunge style, which helps to give the breasts a more rounded look on top. 

On top of this, push up bras often come with lacy, alluring aesthetics, making them one of the best bra types to choose for a flirty date night, or an intimate night in with your special someone…

Maternity Bra

This one is for all my hot mamas! The ‘Maternity Bra’ was designed to make postnatal life a little (or a lot) easier. These bras are often made with softer, natural materials such as bamboo and cotton, giving an all round softer bra experience, and allowing the imaginably tender breasts of its owner to breathe whilst still being supported. 

In addition, maternity bras come with several variations of a button-down bra cup, allowing easy access to the breasts whilst the bra is still on, making breastfeeding ten times easier. If this isn’t the mother of all Unique Selling Points, we don’t know what is!

Sports Bra

Whether you’re very active in the gym, or play a sport, or just like to feel extra supported while you’re on the go, the ‘Sports Bra’ has got your back! These bras are often designed with breathable, quick drying fabric, and comfortable, wider straps. In terms of support, the technology behind them can work in one of two ways: One design element found in a lot of sports bras is ‘encapsulation’ i.e. the bra will encapsulate your breasts, with the aim of holding them in place even during vigorous movements. 

Another technique used by designers is the ‘compression’ method. This means that the bra pushes your breasts in, towards your chest in order to prevent bouncing during activity. Either way, this bra is your go-to for support!


Convertible Bra

This bra can only be described as your ‘everything bra’. Going to work? Wearing a halter top on a night out? In desperate need of a strapless bra? Whatever your situation is, you can probably count on the fact that your convertible bra will come through. The ‘Convertible’ bra has detachable straps that can be rearranged to suit your outfit based on its neckline, or just removed entirely! In the complicated world of wide straps, half cups, and cleavage, you really don’t get much more autonomy than this. As well as being astonishingly versatile, these bras can be worn by just about anyone with a pair of breasts, as convertible bras come in a huge range of different shapes and sizes, this bra is nothing short of magical!

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