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Do Bralettes Cause Sagging?

For some women, the bralette is simply seen as a cute, dainty accessory bra that can be incorporated into pretty much any outfit with the right planning. These women will have no problems with wearing a bralette every day, I mean, if it’s cute why not right? But for other women, it’s not quite as simple, the lack of underwire, and reduced support offered by a bralette often leaves women with a bigger bust wondering whether it’s the right accessory for them.
do bralettes cause sagging boobs

Is it ok to wear bralettes every day?

longline lace bralette top unwired soft nylon fabric

It’s common to ask yourself some questions before looking into buying a bralette, “Will it hold up my boobs?”, “Will it eventually cause sagging?” no one should have to spend hours wondering about this stuff. So ladies, once again, we are here for you. After reading this, you will never have to give more than two seconds of thought again before you pick up that beautiful number you’ve had your eye on for two weeks.


bralette pros cons are bralettes bad for you

We’ve all heard that age old tale before, whether it’s been from our moms, from that one aunty, or even from female teachers, you know? the one that goes a little something like “If you don’t wear an underwire bra as much as possible, your breasts will sag when you get older”. 

Well we’re here to put that myth to rest once and for all. Sagging is a natural part of the ageing process, and is caused by nothing more than the collagen and elastin that help form your skin wearing away. 

Embroidered Triangle Bralette Black Mesh

Another reason for sagging is severe weight loss in a short amount of time.

The point is, sagging will happen to all of us at some point, and it is completely okay, not to mention, the type of bra you wear has nothing to do with it…

what's the difference between bralette sports bra

A lot of women will still be reading this thinking, “That’s great, but will it support my big boobs?!”.

Yes! Once you find the bralette with the perfect fit for you, you won’t look back again.

Now that we’ve cleared that all up, it’s bralettes for everyone!

On those days when you want your breasts to be supported with no underwire, but don’t want your trusty old sports bra ruining your outfit, reach for a nice mesh bralette that matches your shirt.

how to wear and buy bralette for best fit

As for wearing a bralette every day, it’s really up to you, but most women will go through events where we need just that little bit of extra support, and for those days, you might want to opt for a full underwire bra.

We hope this helps put your mind to ease!

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